Options A931, A932, A933
PROPRINT™ Graphic on Mat Platform

  • Your team logo or graphics are digitally printed on mat vinyl using PROPRINT™ technology.
  • Ultra-durable imaging uses premium ink and an unlimited color selection and gradient shading.
  • Logo can be printed vertically or horizontally up to the size of the mat platform.
  • Seamless nylon-reinforced vinyl is wear and tear resistant and available in 14 colors for logos on 4’x6’ and 4’x7’ mat platforms.
  • Logos on 5’x7’ and 6’x8’ mat platforms are fully printed on white seamless nylon-reinforced vinyl; smaller mat platforms can also be fully printed using this same technology.
  • Please note that fully printed mat platforms may be more susceptible to scratches and blemishes, particularly on the edges and at the corners.

A931 Logo for 4'x6' or 4'x7' mat platform
A932 Logo for 5'x7' mat platform
A933 Logo for 6'x8' mat platform

PROPRINT™ Graphic on Model 1441-47


PROPRINT™ Nylon Reinforced Vinyl Color Choices